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NASA GSFC Solar System Exploration Data Services Office

Picture of Edwin Grayzeck

Edwin J. Grayzeck

Solar System Exploration Division Services Office
NASA/GSFC, Code 690.1
Greenbelt, MD 20771

Phone: (301) 286-7355
FAX: (301) 286-1771

Email: Edwin.J.Grayzeck@nasa.gov

Current Position

SSEDSO Project Manager, Planetary Data System Head

Professional Experience

  • Project Manager
  • Planetary Data System Head
  • National Space Science Data Center Archive Manager
  • Small Bodies Node (SBN) at UMCP
  • Project Manager, Data Devices, Interferometrics Inc
  • Asst/Assoc/Prof, Univ of Nevada Las Vegas
  • Chairman, Physics Dept, Univ of Nevada Las Vegas

Major Research Activities

  • PDS at the University of Maryland
  • CD archive for Comet P/Halley with added spacecraft volumes
  • Earth-based data archived through PDS
  • The Jupiter-SL9 volumes
  • NEAR DVD archive of the asteroid Eros
  • The physics associated with comet tail-solar wind interaction

Selected Publications

    Use of the CD-ROM Archive, with D. Klinglesmith, in the Comet Halley Archive Summary Volume, editor Z. Sekanina, NASA JPL, 400-450, August 1991.

    Advanced Techniques for Large CD-ROM Archives, with M. Martin, in Astronomy from Large Databases II, editors A. Heck and F. Murtaugh, ESO Conference and Workshop Proceedings #43, 293, 1992.

    The Digital Archive of the International Halley Watch, with D. Klingelsmith, M. Niedner, M. Aronsson, R. Newburn, and A. Warnock, in Astronomical Data Analysi Software and Systems, editors R. Hanisch, R. Brissenden, and J. Barnes, 13, 1993.

    An Overview of Data Sets on Small Bodies Available through the Planetary Data System and Steward Observatory Asteroid Relational Database, with D. Davis , M. A'Hearn, M. Sykes, E. Alvarez del Castillo, D. Tholen, and K. Garlow, in Asteroids, Comets, and Meteorites 1993, editor A. Milani, 483, 1994.

    Generation of the IHW Comet Halley CD-ROM Archive, with D. Klinglesmith, M. Niedner, and M. A'Hearn, Planetary and Space Science, 43, 225-238, 1995.

    Services of the Small Bodies Node of the Planetary Data System, with M. A'Hearn, A. Raugh, D. Davis, M. Sykes, and D. Tholen, Planetary and Space Science, 44, 47-54, 1996.

    Addition of spacecraft data to the IHW Comet Halley CD-ROM Archive with M. A'Hearn and D. Klinglesmith, Planetary and Space Science, 45, 345-353, 1997.

    Giotto's Encounter with Comet 26P/Grigg-Skjellerup: The Scientific Data, with M. A'Hearn, G. Schwehm, M. Grensemann, European Space Agency, SP-1168, ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands , 1997.

    PDS Interacts with NEAR to Prepare Archive Pipeline, National Space Science Data Center Newsletter, 16, 3, 2000.

    Archiving of Asteroid Data Through the PDS Small Bodies Node, with C. Neese, and M. V. Sykes, in Asteroid III, editors W. F. Bottke, A. Cellino, P. Paolicchi, and R. P. Binzel, 757, 2002.

    eScience and Archiving for Space Science, with T. Eastman, K. Borne, J. Green, R. McGuire, and D. Sawyer, Data Science Journal, http://www.datasciencejournal.org/ , July 2005.

    Deep Impact, the Anticipated Flight Data, with K. P. Klassen, B. Carcich, G. Carcich, S. McLaughlin, Space Science Reviews, 117, 335, 2005.

    Lessons Learned from Planetary Science Archiving, with J. Zender, 2006, Advances in Space Research, 38, 2013.

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